Message from the CEO

Dear highly valued shareholders,

First, thank you so much for your continued support as we make this full transition to new management of New Age Farm Inc. I am so excited and utterly humbled by the opportunity of taking the reins of a company I see nothing but a fantastic chance for great success.

As you know, New Age Farm, historically speaking was a company that identified purchased and constructed turnkey grow facilities in states that had robust Marijuana licensing programs. The company built out the facilities with the objective to lease back the properties to recipients of state licenses, in return solving many problems for the licensee. Due to the significant capital outlay, the risk factors involved, and a number of other circumstances, New Age Farm would have the ability to justify and demand a drastically increased payment structure. Additionally, if allowed by the state and local licensing authorities, the company would try to partner on the operations side.

Although this is a model that I have seen work numerous times throughout my many years operating successful businesses in the cannabis industry, in any new market where the future regulatory/operational path is genuinely unknown and merely being architected on the go, things don’t always go as planned. However, with the help of the previous board, myself and new management have spent many hours evaluating the current assets, discussing a plan for monetizing on those assets, and searching for new land/facilities. We are going above and beyond to ensure our investment will be secure and plan to update our shareholders on our progress along the way.

Recently, this company entered the bourgeoning hemp, and CBD business with the purchase of We Are Kured. We

Are Kured, launched its state-of-the-art vaporizer pen earlier this year and is run by an individual I have known and grown to respect significantly for many years, Benjamin Martch. Ben and his team work around the clock to build this company, promote it, and partner with the best of the best to stay ahead of the curve. We Are Kured is gaining traction at an impressive rate and not only reaches but exceeds set forth milestones! We Are Kured is currently available at brick and mortar stores throughout the nation, online, and will soon be launched onto an Amazon sales platform. Our next move is a store locator so customers can search via the website to find the location most convenient.

Moving forward, myself and current management have been identifying and targeting many potential acquisitions in the hemp and CBD realms. We have reached the final stages of negotiations with a number of potential and exciting prospects. The company is heavily focused on the hemp sector to become an industry leader. We also plan to update the market on progress made about this division, in the near future.

Lastly, many of you have noticed the company’s corporate website has been under construction. We are currently reskinning the website, updating information as well as doing a rebrand to reflect better the company moving forward. We expect the website to be back live in the very near future.

Again I’d like to thank current and future shareholders for their support. We’re so excited about the opportunity moving forward and hope you all join us along the way.

Joshua Bartch
New Age Farm, Inc.

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