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David Joshua Bartch
Director, President & CEO

Mr. Bartch’s passion for business starting at very a young age, David Joshua Bartch’s entrepreneurial career took off in 2009 when he co-founded, a successful transcription website. In November of 2009, Bartch founded Doctors Orders, a Dispensary based in Denver, Colorado. He continued to scale Doctors Orders as a brand and a company throughout the state of Colorado with the desire to include both retail and cultivation among this business. Once 2013 rolled around; Bartch expanded Doctors Orders across the nation, successfully incorporating various dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and extraction brands. During this same year, he also founded a boutique investment firm with a strong presence in both the US and Canadian markets. This boutique investment firm was built to focus on both public and private business opportunities to facilitate M&A, reverse takeovers, reverse mergers, and many different financings. Bartch and his team have been instrumental in placing 10’s of millions in transactional value and cash for a variety of companies, both in the US as well as Canada. In 2014, Bartch cofounded, the USA’s most significant legal and sophisticated cannabis wholesale platform. Due to his intense focus on the bourgeoning Hemp industry, Bartch decided to divest his Cannabis assets gradually. Helix TCS later acquired

Benjamin Martch
Director & CMO

Mr. Martch graduated from Colorado State University in 2007, majoring in Merchandising and Marketing. He is an industry leader in Marketing, Event Production and Cannabis industry throughout the United States. His leadership skills, industry experience, and innovative marketing practices were recognized by one of Colorado’s most notable publications, Rooster Magazine, awarding him “Colorado’s 6 Top Creative Minds” in 2016 Beginning in 2009, Benjamin Martch has held multiple positions among dispensary groups throughout Colorado USA, including the General Manager of 3 Frosted Leaf dispensary locations. Subsequently, he accepted the Marketing Director at one of Denver’s original dispensaries, Lightshade. In 2016, his success in the marketing space leads him to found a digital/experiential marketing agency, InLyfe Group. Their clientele includes Redbull, NATIV Hotel, Hightimes Magazine, Leafly, Three A Light, AEG Presents, Charter Jet Set, Bacardi, Modelo & many more.

Erik Knutson

Mr. Knutson began working with many licensed medical marijuana organizations in 2010 to establish compliant operating procedures. Since that time he has helped shape industry standards surrounding super-critical CO2 extraction techniques and oral liquid medical marijuana delivery systems. Since August 2014, Mr. Knutson has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of CanCore Concepts, Inc. In 2013, Mr. Knutson also co-founded Denver Packaging Company (“DPAC”), a licensed Colorado Medical and Adult-Retail Cannabis Manufacturing company. Additionally, he is a co-founder, Board Member and President of the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (“ATTACH”). In 2012, Kelly and Erik Knutson (brothers) founded Isolate Extraction Systems, Inc. (IES). Since then IES has sold over 50 commercial extraction machines into the regulated Cannabis space. Many of these machines went to start-up businesses in burgeoning medical marijuana states. Together, IES and CCC have assisted dozens of companies in Canada, Puerto Rico, California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Colorado and New York with processing/ extraction operations. Mr. Knutson received his Bachelors Degree in Business Management from the University of Colorado in 2009.

Carman Parente

Mr. Parente was the President and CEO of New Age Farm since its inception in 2013. From 2011 to 2013, Mr. Parente was President and Director of Five Nines Ventures Ltd., a publicly traded mining company listed on the CSE. He resigned to devote more time to New Age Farm. In 2007, Mr. Parente founded and became the President of NHS Industries Inc., now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, which holds a five-and-one-half acre greenhouse growing facility. In 2005, Mr. Parente founded Natural Health Solutions, Inc., and has served as its President since that time; the company manufactures and distributes natural health supplements and nutraceuticals across Canada.